By Victor Porton, the author of multiple foundational D libraries.

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Master D programming language or DLang – a course for Python programmers. “There is no best programming language”, they say. There is, for most applications it is D. The course starts from a comparison of D to Python and teaches all important features of D.

D will allow you to produce high-performance, low CPU-usage software (but multithreaded, if you wish), with less bugs (you therefore develop faster, because most of programmer’s time is spent in debugging) than Python. And unlike Rust which is a language for geniuses, writing software in D is as easy as in Python.

In college computer science courses they often teach you old, outdated languages: Java, C#, Go, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, and many others are outdated. Why to learn an old programming language, when there is modern programming language D? Use only the best.

Switch from nervous mode of finding bugs in Python software (have you ever mistyped an identifier?) to peace of mind mode of using a modern language with increased reliability (that is language in which you make less errors).

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Course Highlights

Suitable for beginners

Suitable for beginners

Almost complete language lessons

Almost complete language lessons

Standard library

You learn the most important features of standard library. Yet without being overloaded into trying to learn everything.

Certificate of completion

You get a certificate after passing exams (text book price included). Or alternatively just buy the textbook.

Author’s own libraries

You learn author’s own libraries that fill gaps in standard library to program as easily as in Python.

Learn good programming

You learn not just to write programs, you are guided how to do it in a good way.


Ask instructor any questions. The instructor is the author of many D libraries.

Nonexpensive and green

Very low energy usage by your programs. You could replace 100 servers by one!

Masters Thesis

You choose a masters thesis topic completely by your own decision (you are only required to use D).

There was once a time when everyone knew how to display the message “hello world” on their computers using BASIC language. As a language for programming, BASIC was, in general, reviled by the digital elites. But BASIC was with everyone, and it did give a lot of students their first lessons in computer science. Now, the scenario has changed and BASIC has been wiped out from computers. The best language right now for beginners is Python.

Do you still think of python as the best? Well then, we have something for you! Today’s era is continuously changing and evolving for betterment, new technologies take over old ones to make life easier, interesting, and fun-loving. D, also known as Dlang, is a multi-paradigm system programming language that combines a perfect feature set for former python developers.

D language includes everything, starting from features of low-level languages to the best high-level languages on the market right now like Python. Most developers describe D as “Modeling power. Native efficiency. Modern convenience”.

D and Python classify as “Wide purpose languages”. Unlike python, which covers more of a clear and powerful OOP (object-oriented programing) side, D comes with multiple paradigms among OOP, offering even compile-time function execution. Unlike C, D is a programming language that goes beyond system programming features and C-like syntax syntax with its efficiency, control, safety, and programmer productivity.

5 Reasons Why: Developers Consider D over the Competitors like Python

1. Productivity

D allows programmers to be more productive with more to do in less time. Increase your work productivity with D’s features enabling you to write reusable and generic codes and more, including for example templates, modules, documentation comments, and associative arrays.

2. Modeling power

At times it is impossible to implement code in the exact same way you had it in your mind, simply due to a language barrier. With you ending up compromising the code to fit the idea. However, D supports multiple programming paradigms integrated harmoniously, making it convenient for modeling code to fit the idea in your mind.

Dlang and Its Multiple Paradigms

  1. Concurrent programming – D language constructs for concurrency, which includes multi-threading, asynchronous programming, and more.
  2. Metaprogramming – Write those programs with D that write or manipulate themselves or other programs, considering the program as their data.
  3. Object-oriented programming – D uses object-oriented data structures, fields, method, and their interactions to design programs.
  4. Functional programming – D has “pure” functions that allow to use the evaluation of mathematical functions directly and to avoids mutable state data.
  5. Imperative programming – With D, you can use explicit statements to change a program state.
  6. Generic programming – D language uses pre-written algorithms in terms of to-be-specified-later types.

3. Memory safety and management

Like Python, there is no need for explicit memory management with D. D language supports a garbage collector that scans the memory for unreachable objects by the program. It then destroys them and reclaims their memory locations.

4. Performance and reliability

D is a high-performance, highly reliable language that enables programmers to write and compile codes with less any bugs and lags. It uses the below features to achieve this performance and readability:

  • Lightweight aggregates
  • Synchronization
  • Unit testing
  • Exception handling
  • Debug attributes and statements
  • Contracts

5. Readable and maintainable

D sophisticated code features increase its readability, making it easier to spot bugs and errors. Readability motivates contributors to work on the growth of this open-source software.

Find D interesting? Why don’t you try our exclusive ADVANCED STUDY: D, the Best Programming Language, for Former Python Developers program! Still unsure, well then you can try our free preview to get your mind on it. Here is a quick guide for you over the course:

Learn about Teach Sector’s D Programming Course

Get access to almost complete language lessons purchasing this course! D Programming course is a suitable choice for those (even beginners) who want to improvise their programming skills. At the end of the course, you will be asked to pass an exam to receive a certificate of completion. Get expert help to resolve your problem on your learning journey.

So, are you ready to bang it? We are waiting to watch to receive your next big accomplishment!

Questions and answers

How can I safe money on course price?

This course price includes the e-textbook. However, you can purchase text book separately.

What is D language?

D language is an advanced multipurpose high-performance (on par with C/C++, or sometimes much faster) and increased reliability (better than Ada in most aspects of reliability), yet feature-rich (about as flexible as Python) programming language.

Why should I study D?

Develop high-performance and reliable applications or libraries faster than if you used Python. You do about the same things as if you were a Python programmer, but you get blazing fast and having much less bugs apps. Impress your employer that you know the world most advanced programming language. I will better answer when NOT to study D: only if you have a specific language required by an employer or if need some specific library not available in D. D almost absolutely well replaces C, C++, Python, Ruby, etc. It’s just better than any of these.

Is D difficult to learn?

In course author’s opinion, D is harder to learn than Python, however much easier than C++ or Rust. After you have mastered it, it’s more difficult to write in it than in Python, but you will develop faster because you spend less time on debugging.

Does D have many libraries?

D has a growing set of libraries, including mainly open-source ones, but it has not yet became as popular as Python, so Python has more libraries.

What is the study level?

The course is intended to be a Master of Science level course. Your certificate will have the word MASTER on it. But you indeed can take it during your Bachelor or even Associate CS studies, it is OK even for amateurs knowing only Python.

If D is so good, why is it not very popular yet?

I think, the main reason is that the D language author renamed it from Mars to D, that was an unfortunate name choice and broke marketing. Another reason is that it’s complex: you need to spend some time learning it, it is not as simple as Python. Invest your time in learning.

Does this course offer a degree?

Yes! It offers a “high master”, “master of advanced programming technology” certificate. Note, however, that this is not an accredited university.

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