Victor Porton (not a mathematics PhD, but expertise in math research helped me to discover discontinuous analysis that combined together functional analysis and discrete analysis).

Victor Porton

Victor Lvovich Porton is a self-taught mathematician, researcher, author of multiple published books, and CEO of Zon Social Network, with a fervent passion for revolutionizing the field. Despite embarking on a 4.5-year mathematics program, his studies were unfortunately cut short due to discrimination. However, this setback did not deter his pursuit of knowledge.

Porton’s independent research has yielded a published peer-reviewed article and a book exceeding 400 pages (an earlier version of which is available in Russia). His mathematical interests lie in unconventional yet intriguing areas. He is the originator of the concept of “funcoids,” which closes the gap between proximity spaces and topological spaces. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to the development of ordered semicategory and semigroup actions.

Porton’s vision extends beyond established mathematical frameworks. He pioneered “multidimensional” general topology, which transcends the classical kind of two-dimensional approach. Discontinuous analysis and the algebraic axiomatic theory of formulas are further testaments to his innovative spirit. Notably, he is also engaged in the formalization of subjective probabilities.

Driven by the ambition to revolutionize mathematics, Porton seeks to rewrite traditional quantified-based formulas into algebraic expressions. This pursuit, coupled with his exploration of novel algebraic formulas in general topology, is fueled by a deeper purpose – the potential advancement of physics.

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