I am trying to copy a machine to another hosting (however, both on AWS). I have an AWS Lightsail x86 machine with Bitnami WordPress Multisite and have created a new Debian 11 (the same version of Debian as my Bitnami) on EC2. Then after installing and configuring rsync and configuring SSH public/private keys I run from Lightsail the following command to copy it:

sudo ./stack/ctlscript.sh stop
sudo rsync -avzcr --mkpath -lHpEAXog --specials -tU --open-noatime --super -Sx --delete --force -z --progress / root@NEW-HOST-IP:/

I will report whether this operation succeeds.


After a forceful reboot of the new instance, its “Status check” in AWS panel is stuck “Initializing”. Connecting to the new instance does not succeed.