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One man asked me: I have heard of Ubuntu Linux, but have never seriously considered using it. What makes it “good”?

Here is my reply (not aspiring for completeness, Linux has other advantages also):

I could say that the “main” advantage over Windows is that the system goes together with applications. You can update ALL installed applications with single command.

You can easily update all programs to the newest version and after this you sometimes may even not reboot.

After my Linux was installed, I had Alt+F4 like Windows to close the current window. I reconfigured it to Ctrl+Esc. Can you do similar key rebinding with Windows?

Also it is more reliable, less affected to trojans.

Linux is faster and requires less resources.

You choose from several windowing systems: including Gnome (which I use), KDE, and others. (In Windows you are limited to user32.dll and nothing other.) In my opinion Gnome is much more convenient than Windows.

When you buy a new computer, you can easily copy the files from the old computer, and there is no need to reinstall Linux or applications anew. (Not so with Windows.)

However, there are some drawbacks:

Not all videocards work, it is difficult (or impossible with some models) to configure an UPS.

I haven’t succeed to configure hibernation of the PC.

There is no PhotoShop or MS Office (however there is Gimp and LibreOffice).