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I’ve bought an HP printer, but laid it into an attic because it persisted to highlight “no paper” indicator even after I inserted paper. So I bought an other (also HP) printer: DeskJet 1050A.

Soon I’ve found a similar trouble with it. It was not ceasing highlight “no paper” indicator even after insertion of paper.

So I decided my second printer is also broken and used my mother’s computer and printer to print my book (214 pages). During printer with the mother’s printer I’ve noticed that the “no paper” indicator highlight. Happily there was a button near this indicator and I figured out to press this button after insertion of new sheets of papers. And voilĂ  it worked!

This has lead me to guess that on my HP printer I should also press some button after paper replacements. I’ve set to make a little research to work this out. First I tried the button nearest to the indicator. This button (with a right cross on it) just terminated the printing session.

Then I sent some more files to printer to test how it works with paper replacement and quickly pressed Power button which was blinking when the paper has gone out. Yes, it was exactly what I needed: After quick pressing of Power button the printer continued with the next page of the print job.

The conclusion: Press Power button on HP printers after inserting papers into them.

P.S. I haven’t yet tested this with my old HP printer which is laid into an attic.